Oct 12, 2013


Lately I've been spending time with people in my building! It's so interesting living in a apartment building full of a variety of people - yet truth be told we don't often see each other except for in the elevator! But obviously our family stands out, so I think we are well known in the building. There are only about 30 apartments in our building, so we have become familiar with many people and families, but usually to the extent of "the family of the 9th floor" for example.

But recently through some random (or not so) situations I have become more acquainted with many of our neighbors!

One Mom and her baby have been joining the playgroup I run, and she is very kind and generous. Recently she came over to my house with another mom friend and we enjoyed chatting while our kiddos played. She is very easy to talk to and I look forward to chatting more!

Another Mom had her kids at the same hospital I used for our son. She is really nice and recently they gave us some great toys their older kids weren't playing with anymore!

Another mom on our floor has a son the same age basically as ours! Oddly enough though, we have hardly ever gotten together. So this past week we went to a large park nearby. She even let me borrow her motor-powered bicycle. Which, by the way, was totally amazing! It a bicycle that has a motor-like device under the seat, and it is powered by you pedaling. So it works on hills and anytime you are pulling weight. They are often called "Momma-bikes", because mostly Moms with a 1-2kids in the bike seats use them. They are quite expensive (starting around $1,000!) So I was really excited to try it out. A. totally loved it!

Here is our little man in the front child seat of the bike.

Another neighbor and I have randomly run into each other at the local supermarket, and she always likes to talk to Asher.

I'm so grateful for kind people living, literally, next door. I hope we are able to grow our friendship with these great people in the future.

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